How to Print Your USA Field Hockey Medical Release and Membership Card

A SIGNED copy of your player's USA FH Medical Form must be submitted to your Team Coach.


Please include a copy of your player's USA FH Membership Card.


We also suggest that each player keep a copy of both of the documents in their field hockey bags.

How to Guide to Contacting College Coaches

Prepared by Coach Wendy Andreatta.  This document will help guide you on how to contact college coaches.


The software that almost all college coaches use.  On the coach end, it is called "Coach Packet".  On the player end, it is called RecruitSpot.

At each NFHCA and USA Field Hockey recruiting event, all registered player's RecruitSpot will become "active" for that event.  What does that mean?

1.  RecruitSpot will know that you (your player) is attending that event.

2.  RecruitSpot will connect your player to that event using your player's email.  Usually, the email associated with your (your player's USA FH membership.

3.  Approximately 1 week before a tournament, players will log into RecruitSpot and update their information and confirm it indicates they are attending the upcoming event.

What coaches do:

1.  After receiving email correspondence from a player attending an event, coaches up Coach Packet and mark/flag players they are interested in viewing at the event.

2.  At the event, coaches are notified via CoachPacket what time, what field, etc., a player who they have flagged is playing.

3. At the end of the event, coaches are given access to all video from the event.  So, if a coach misses watching you (your player) you can direct them to a game in which you played that they can then view on CoachPacket.

2016/2017 FLFH Sportsmanship Policy

Stick Buying Guide

A beginners and elite players basic guide to purchasing a field hockey stick.

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