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All players who attended Picture Day were photographed.  If you are interested in purchasing pictures and did not place an order at Picture Day.  Please contact Luke Photography directly.


Our uniform vendor.


If you have lost or grown out of a uniform piece and need to replace it, please contact Areswear directly.




Please specify when placing your order:  "Please follow Finger Lakes Field Hockey's previous screenprint logo, number placement - front and back, and color used for numbers on each jersey."

Harrow Field Hockey Equipment and Sticks

You can receive a 15% discount on Harrow and Princess sticks AND equipment through FINGER LAKES FIELD HOCKEY.


Please follow these steps to receive the 15% discount:


1.  Attend a FLFH sponsored event.  Demo sticks will be on hand for players to sample.

2.  Find a stick you like.  Take a picture or write down the information.

3.  Go to the Harrow site to find out more details about the stick you liked.  This is the time to educate yourself.  How much carbon does it have?  Is it a beginnner, intermediate, or elite stick?  Am I (my player) still going to grow another 6"?

4.  Price the sticks on the Harrow site BUT DO NOT ORDER.

5.  Send an email to FLFH when you have finally decided on your stick.

6.  You will then receive an invoice from "Wicked Stick Field Hockey" for the Harrow quoted price less 15%!

7.  Send in your payment by June 1.


These are the sticks that FLFH has available for demostration:


-Princess SG5
-Harrow TEMBO
-Princess SG9
-Harrow TEMBO International
-Princess T14
-Harrow Eagle Eye
-Harrow Torch
-Harrow Titan 10000


A bulk order will be sent to Harrow to save everyone on shipping.  Order will arrive approximately 1 week after the order has been placed.


You can also place Harrow equipment orders through FLFH.  Please go to the Harrow site and find the equipment you are interested in.  Email FLFH with the items description, size (if applicable), color (if applicable), and price.  


For example you would email FLFH the following information:


1 - Shin Guard Sleeve (pair), Size - No size, Color - Red, $10.00 each. 

1 - Field Hockey Glove Left Hand, Size small, Color, - No color option,  $15.00.

1 - Edge Skort, Size - Small, Color - Lavender/Purple, $32.00.


Questions?  Please contact FLFH, using THIS LINK, if you have questions.


Online retailor of field hockey sticks, equipment, etc.  Purchase uniform socks here.


Sock Sizing Guide:

Unisex Medium = Ladies 5 - 7

Unisex Large = Ladies 8 - 11


Please order socks in both navy and white.



Dick's Sporting Goods

Great local source for beginner field hockey packages.  Mouth guards, shin guards, sticks, clothing, etc.

Metro Sport Brokers

Local store in Webster, NY that has a small selection of field hockey gear (sticks, goggles, and shin guards).

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University of Rochester Field Hockey

University of Rochester Field Hockey.

USA Field Hockey

Official website of USA Field Hockey

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